DOMAIN is a project that explores new ways of interaction between humans and clothes with physical computing. Its design is dedicated to returning the decision-making power of expression from designers to users. I aim to provide users with greater freedom in expressing their emotions through a series of changes in shape and lighting that they can fully control by a mobile app and envision users being able to use their clothes just like cats use their tails to express themselves.

Meanwhile, considering the increasingly serious electronic waste problem, as well as the potential updates of DOMAIN in the future and the convenience of user use, all parts containing electronic components in this design adopt a detachable structure and a modular design.

Unique Selling Points

The provided illustration demonstrates that the traditional fashion industry grants designers complete control over the appearance and overall aesthetics of their products, with little input from the users.

In a departure from this approach, DOMAIN emphasizes user involvement as decision-makers to express themselves through their clothes. To achieve this goal, I minimalized the design that users cannot fully control, such as preventing to use sensors and any other automatic mechanism. Also, the modularized design allows users to simply take off some parts on the garments and rearrange them, which gives users even more flexibility in expression.

Prototypes & Iterations

Final sketch illustrating the variations of the garment and how it can reflect users feeling and emotion

Early state prototypes that tested the functions and materials.

Application design; Circular control panel mimics the movement of the components on the garment, which makes it more intuitive

Modularized design

  1. Helps to reduce electronic waste and improve sustainability.
  2. Gives the user more flexibility to customize the garment’s appearance.
  3. Provides conveniences for future updates and iterations.
  4. Leaves the possibility for integrating more components for replacing in the future.

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