Information Cocoon

In 2006, scholar Cass R. Sunstein proposed a new concept named “information cocoon”, which indicates that people tend to view their preferred contents, which is like creating a cocoon by themselves.

With the algorithm and data collection, the technology companies exacerbate this situation.


According to my own experience and surrounding people’s feedback, though the technology companies collecting user’s data has already been a popular topic, most people do not know how much personal data has been collected by the companies before actually see it.

For my practice, I want to visualize this social phenomenon to help people understand the data safety problem clearly and to provide them instructions of accessing their personal data set.

Access Your Data

Users have the right to request personal data from service providers. With the improving privacy policies, users are now able to download the personal dataset from most of the websites and applications. Listed is the instructions of downloading data from several frequently used platform.







Cyber Cocoon Kids, Xie Yong, 2017