an integrated application for liquor retail

My Role: Lead UX researcher & designer

Team Member: Jiacheng Jiang, Charlotte Wu

A comprehensive category and recommending system help users find products easily.

Scanner feature under search bar helps user quickly access the information of an unfamiliar product

Conduct product introduction, rating, and commenting under product page. Provide more information to users for making decision. At the same time, community building can also help increase user engagement and stickiness.

Integrate cocktail instruction page in the app, which will inclease user stickness and also add another portal to access products

In recipe page, user can simply add all needed ingredients and equipments to cart.


Tipsy is a team project aimed at designing an integrated application for users who wish to purchase liquors online and make cocktails on their own. We want to help our users to easily access to alcohol-related items and knowledges by creating a platform that provides comprehensive products and services.

domain research

According to an industry research firm from The International Wine and Spirits Record, alcohol delivery service is a rapidly developing market that became particularly popular after the pandemic, they predicts “the alcohol eCommerce market will still increase by 42% this year (2021) to reach $24 billion.”

According to Drizly’s report, there are also some engaging trends in this area that could create more marketplaces. For example, “products for health-conscious shoppers increased by 57%, at a time when 90% of retailers on Drizly now stock non-alcoholic beer, wine, and other alternatives, and share of such products on Drizly are up 120% since 2020”. On the other hand, there is also a trend that combines alcohol delivery with other features like groceries and cocktails.

Against the backdrop of the growing popularity of home entertainment in the post-pandemic era, our goal is to seize new growth opportunities in the liquor delivery market and win in the fierce competition for products.

direct competitors

High market share; Comprehensive products; Rating and Commenting system; Product descriptions are not detailed enough; Delivery time is not guarantied

Clean layout; Concise product description; Missing rating and commenting system

Reliable delivery speed; Product rating; Liquor products are not comprehensive enough

Most complete rating and commenting system; Detailed product description; Recommending feature; Only focus on wine

indirect competitors

High market share; Global supplying system; Community & culture

Strong network and capital; Great delivery experience; Numerous users; Alcohol delivery function is not well-developed

Professional cocktail recipes and instructions; Lack of profitability methods.

interview synthesis

In the researching stage, we delivered over 80 surveys and found out some key insights:

>45% of participants from 21-30 would like to try liquor delivery service, and 30% of them have done that at least once.

>55% of participants who drinks more than once per month have experience of making cocktails on their own. In the group of 21-30, the ratio reaches 70%.

We also interviewed several people who has used liquor delivery app. According to the feedbacks, most interviewees mentioned they use more than one platforms for researching and purchasing. Particularly the interviewees who also make cocktails at home, they emphasized the inconvenience of collecting ingredients and equipment from different platforms.

user persona

user journey

app map

paper prototype

interactive paper prototype

usability test

We invited 13 participants to our usability test. The synthesized result is listed on the right.

According to the feedback we collected, most users think we have done well in categorization, product page, and including cocktail recipes in the application.

Some users also reflected we could improve the color scheme, product comparison function, and the layout of the saved items page.


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